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Laado 12th July 2018 Written Episode Full Update

Watch videos online Laado 12th July 2018 Full latest Episode hd By Colors TV, Watch show Laado all complete episodes, Laado 12th July 2018 video Online.

Laado 12th July 2018
Laado 12th July 2018 Episode

Media Source : Standard Video Licence
Telecast Date : 12th July 2018
Media Owner : Colors TV

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The Episode starts with Anushka telling Rantej that his time is over. She says now you have no way out. Rantej laughs and says bhabhijaan came with rats team. She tells that he will not leave her alive this time and will kill her like he killed her husband Yuvraj. Anushka asks him to kill her, but this storm will not stop, and says it will be stop when you all three die. Rantej warns them and says if anyone tries to enter then I will burn the haveli. Anushka asks him to burn the haveli for letting the crimes happen. Rantej says we are not alone, and tells that someone else is also here who is here. Juhi says he is right, someone is here. Rantej says she is my wife Meera and your bhabhi. He asks Anushka to leave else will be killed. Shaurya comes and says today Anushka will not stop. Anushka smiles looking at googletag.cmd.push });
him. Shaurya comes and stands with Anushka, holds her hand and says she is the strength which increases when compressed. Juhi is taken aback. Anushka asks villagers to step forward. Rantej shoots at Anushka, but Shaurya saves her and gets bullet on his hand. Juhi shouts Shaurya. Anushka panics seeing blood and hugs him. Shaurya says I am fine. Rabba plays. He says jai bhavani.
Baba Inder runs away. Rantej closes the balcony door. Malhari is shocked as he tries to escape alone. Anushka says we have to search Meera first. Malhari tells herself that nobody can harm her. Villagers manage to open the door. Malhari asks Rantej to open the women. She tries to instigates women against Anushka and asks them to kill her. Inder tries to run, but juhi holds trishul against him and looks at him with fearless and angry eyes. Anushka and Shaurya come to the room where Meera is locked. Rantej comes and says you came here as your death is written here. Shaurya says you talk much. Rantej says I can do also. Shaurya holds Rantej’s gun.
Anushka goes inside, but she couldn’t find Meera. Woman gets the knife. Inder asks juhi what is she doing? Juhi asks him not to take her name with his dirty mouth and says you are not my father, but a sinner. Villager woman stabs Malhari. Shaurya and Rantej try to snatch the knife and the bullet is shot and hits Rantej. Juhi stabs trishul to Inder again. Malhari closes her eyes and falls. Rantej also dies. Shaurya says bad’s people end is bad. The secret room opens up as Anushka keeps her hand there, and she sees Meera. She hugs Meera and frees her hands. Shaurya comes and says we shall go out. Jai Bhavani plays….They come out with Meera. Juhi says Veerpur ki real mardani..Anushka ki jai. She refers to Anushka as real mardani of Veerpur. Anushka thanks them for love and support and says my work ended here. Laado song plays….The villagers request Anushka not to leave Veerpur. Anushka tells Shaurya that their togetherness was till here. She gives Juhi’s hand in Shaurya’s hand and says your vanvas ended and prays for their togetherness and happiness. Shaurya gets sad. Anushka smiles looking at Meera.
Later, Anushka comes and addresses to the people of Veerpur. She tells that this day has brought new morning for us, and says they shall change the thinking about women. She tells Inder, Rantej and Malhari never let their thinking changed and that’s why Veerpur is left behind. She says lets swear that we will not insult any woman or bear to see others insulting woman. Laado song plays…….
Show ended with Shaurya and Juhi’s union.

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